About Us

Lapalme-Miller is a dedicated event production company that helps define the purpose of your event. Big or small all events will have much different technical needs. We will determine the needs of the client and assist with scheduling sessions, coordinating and hiring Audio/Video contractors and gear, determining technical needs, creating minute-by-minute rundowns, and helping to set rehearsal schedules, sound checks and AV checks.

Lapalme-Miller works with multiple AV gear companies and will acquire and compare quotes before your event. We will determine technical and labor requirements, and carefully choose an AV contractor that best fits the budget, quality and needs. Lapalme-Miller will also be responsible for executing the event production. That means keeping things on time and on budget while ensuring great quality and effectiveness. Often this means running the sessions, calling cues and managing speakers, AV technicians and hotel representatives. 

At Lapalme-Miller we don’t want our clients to assume audiovisual needs will be handled because an AV company has been hired. They bring the gear and technicians, but there are logistics, planning, management and execution that still must be worked out for your event to run flawlessly. We bring a great amount of experience, ideas and creativity to the table, not to mention we are passionate about providing excellent customer service and exceeding expectations on every job!

Need help with branding your event with a theme, signage, event programs or even PowerPoint templates? We can create successful graphic design solutions to help your company connect better with your attendees.

Lapalme-Miller also can provide event photography to capture every moment of your event. Whether you need candid images, professional portraits of your attendees or both, we can offer high-quality images for you business.

Lapalme-Miller is ready to be your production partner and part of your team to ensure a perfect event!